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Mill Valley Seniors for Peace is committed to the search for world peace, social justice and genuine democracy.

Demonstration on a Friday afternoon

We believe:
  • That war is not the answer!
  • That our best hope for a peaceful world lies in international cooperation and support of the United Nations. We aim to be a nation devoted to peaceful relations with all the world's people.
  • That all people are entitled to:
    • A clean, safe environment
    • Health care
    • Decent, affordable housing
    • Full employment at fair wages
    • Affordable education for all
    • Adequate Social Security
  • That the maintenance and nurturing of our democracy demands an informed, alert and active electorate.

Demonstration on a Friday afternoon

What we do:

Our initial anti-war demonstration was on Friday, January 31, 2003. Ever since, we have continued our street demonstrations for peaceful solutions to continued violence and for social justice. You are welcome to join us on Fridays between 4 and 5 p.m. at the corner of Miller Avenue and Camino Alto in Mill Valley.

Need reasons to consider demonstrating with us? Seniors for Peace member Keith put together a document after conferring with other members, called Why I Demonstrate.

In addition we:
  • Prepare posters for our demonstrations.
  • Hold a 15-minute candlelight vigil each Sunday evening.
  • Prepare petitions for legislative action.
  • Contact Senators, members of Congress and other government officials through letters and phone calls.
  • Organize meetings and forums for the Redwoods community with outside speakers on social and political issues.*
  • Network with like-minded individuals and groups.
  • Hold weekly meetings to discuss in-depth political issues and determine appropriate action.
  • Work actively in local, state and national elections to get out the vote.
*Periodically, a discussion was presented by Richard Moore on today's politics and  was followed by a lively Q&A session. Richard Moore was  a resident of The Redwoods in Mill Valley and a member of the Mill Valley Seniors for Peace until his passing. He provided periodic updates on the war in Iraq and other current political concerns for the MVS4P. He was a regular reader of the New York Times and many other periodicals and online news sources. Richard was one of the founders of Pacifica Foundation/KPFA in Berkeley and later program producer and CEO of KQED Channel 9 and KQED FM in San Francisco. He retired at age 70 as CEO of Twin Cities Public Television Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota. You can see Richard's most recent presentation here.

We welcome people interested in our goals and methods to join us for any of our activities.

For a schedule of our forthcoming events, see the What You Can Do page.

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