Monthly Calendar- October, 2018

“Genuine democracy depends upon an educated electorate”

Mill Valley Seniors for Peace brochure Quote

Our programs and actions in October are geared to the November 6 election.  Look for the logo: Voter Prep- Be Ballot Ready

Monday Meetings

  3:00 pm- Auditorium- Business meeting, immediately followed by the program

Monday, October 1: “Conservation of Threatened & Endangered Marine     

Mammals & Turtles”- Dr. Ellen Hines, Associate Director & Professor of Geography At the Estuary & Ocean Research Center of San Francisco State Univ.

                        Nancy Miller, Business Agenda         Jean Spencer, Program

Voter Prep- Be Ballot Ready

Monday, October 8: “Importance of Voting, &  Candidates’ Forum”

              John Boettiger, Dan Monte (Dist. 10 Assembly candidate): Lori Frugoli

             & Anna Pletcher (District Attorney candidates)

            Ana Maria Nicholson, Business Agenda -        Helen Giambruni,  Program     

 Monday, October 15: “Analysis of Ballot Propositions” Anne Layzer, League of

           Women Voters- Helen Anderson, Business Agenda    Anne Miller, Program

 Monday, October 22 –“Local Measure J (Tam High) & State-wide Candidates”   

Ana Maria Nicholson-Business Agenda            Nancy Miller, Program                                                                                                                                             

Monday, October 29-“Ballot Wrap Up: Discuss a Compilation of Voter Guides”

                        Nancy Miller, Business Agenda   Helen Anderson, Program,                                

 Voter Prep- Be Ballot Ready   

October 9:  Voter Information and Registration-Library 8:30 am-12:00 pm, and 1:00 – 4:00pm.  “Are you registered?” Do you vote by mail, or go to the polls? Find out more…   Low Vision Voters: Need help marking your ballot?  Call Anne Miller – 415-383-1202  for appointment


   Wednesdays- Mill Valley Seniors for Peace Theater

7:15 pm-Auditorium - (Note: Programs are subject to change)

October 3- “All the President’s Men”- Watergate   

October 10- “Wetback”- illegal immigrants   

October 17: -”Difret” – Ethiopian girl prosecuted for reporting her rape 

          October 24: -“North Country” –discrimination against women in the mining 


         October 31: -“Miss Sloan”:  lobbyists corrupt congress


Regular Events

Mondays- Pre-Agenda Meeting. 2:15- 2:45 pm- Auditorium

Mondays – General Meeting and Program 3:00 – 4:30 pm: Auditorium

Wednesdays- MVSFP Peace Theater 7:15 pm: Auditorium

Fridays– Program Planning Meeting-1:45–2:45: pm Wellness Center Studio

Fridays - MV Seniors for Peace demonstration-4:00–5:00 pm–Miller & Camino Alto

Sundays- Candlelight Vigil for Peace-6:35-6:50 pm-2/4 Lounge