Monthly Calendar- December, 2018

Regular Events

Mondays - Pre-Agenda Meeting. 2:15-2:45 pm- Auditorium Mondays – General Meeting- 3:00 – 4:30 pm: Auditorium Wednesdays- MVSFP Peace Theater 7:15 pm: Auditorium Fridays– Program Planning Meeting-1:45–2:45 pm 8/10 Lounge
Fridays -MV Seniors for Peace demonstration-4:00–5:00 pm–Miller & Camino Alto
Sundays- Candlelight Vigil for Peace-6:35-6:50 pm- 2/4 Lounge

Monday Meetings

3:00 pm- Auditorium: Business meeting, followed by the program. Monday, December 3- “Putting an End to the Electoral College”
Bill Petrocelli, author, co-owner of Book Passage,. Agenda: Helen Anderson    Program: Joyce Crews

Monday, December 10    “Earthjustice: Because the Earth Needs a Good Lawyer”: Nick Wolf, Philanthropy Officer
Agenda: Ana Maria Nicholson      Program: Helen Anderson

Monday, December 17, “An Inconvenient Truth- the Sequel ”     Al Gore doc.
Agenda: Nancy Miller
Monday, December 24- holiday- no meeting.

Wednesdays- Mill Valley Seniors for Peace Theater
7:15 pm-Auditorium - (Note: Programs are subject to change)
December 5: “Miss Sloan”- lobbyist for gun restrictions December 12: “The Thin Blue Line” –documentary

Unlawful imprisonment


December 19: ”Cloud Atlas” –several personal stories through
the ages


December 26: “Beautiful Boy ” –Son is mass shooter, parent’s coping


Special Events


December 1: Kiva Lenders Meeting    11:00 am     Apt. 11101 Make global microfinance loans