Monthly Calendar- November, 2018

Regular Events

Mondays- Pre-Agenda Meeting. 2:15- 2:45 pm- Auditorium

Mondays – General Meeting and Program 3:00 – 4:30 pm: Auditorium Wednesdays- MVSFP Peace Theater 7:15 pm: Auditorium

Fridays– Program Planning Meeting-1:45–2:45: pm Wellness Center Studio

Fridays - MV Seniors for Peace demonstration-4:00–5:00 pm–Miller & Camino Alto Sundays- Candlelight Vigil for Peace-6:35-6:50 pm-2/4 Lounge

Monday Meetings

3:00 pm- Auditorium- Business meeting, immediately followed by the program Monday, November 5: “Marin Shakespeare Company Prison Program”

Le Mar “Maverick” Harrison, ”Returned Citizen”, & Robert Currier

Ana Maria Nicholson, Business Agenda - Barbara McDonald, Program

Monday, November 12: “The Meaning of the Elections” Commentary & Group Discussion -John Boettiger

Naomi Katz, Business Agenda – John Boettiger, Program

Monday, November 19: “Credit Unions: How to Democratize Your Money” Gonzalo Romo & Wilson Tengnguyen, Redwoods Credit Union

- Helen Anderson, Business Agenda      Helen Bruner, Program

Monday, November 26 –“My Experiences Serving on the Marin Grand Jury

Louetta Erlin: (served on the 2017-18 Marin Grand Jury)

- Nancy Miller Business Agenda    Louetta Erlin, Program

Wednesdays- Mill Valley Seniors for Peace Theater

7:15 pm-Auditorium - (Note: Programs are subject to change)



November 7- “Reds”- Journalist Reed brings back progressive ideas from Russia to the labor movement


November 14- “The Adjustment Bureau”- Congressman fights dark forces that threaten his love affair with a Ballerina.


November 21: -”W” – The life and actions of our former president



November 28: -“Gandhi” –