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Below are suggested links to web sites that can provide additional information about the peace effort.

The Redwoods Retirement Center: This is our home base, where many of the residents have joined together to develop Mill Valley Seniors for Peace.

Marin Peace and Justice Coalition: A local countywide membership of persons working and demonstrating for peace and justice.

Friends House: A Quaker-sponsored senior retirement community in Santa Rosa, California, with an organized peace group.

Grandmothers for Peace International - A seniors peace group located in Elk Grove, California, founded in May 1982 at the height of the Cold War, with many affiliate chapters.

Demonstrating on a Friday afternoon

Grandmothers Against the War: The New York affiliate of Grandmothers for Peace International, founded in November 2003, which holds peace vigils every Wednesday in front of Rockefeller Center, New York.

United for Peace & Justice: A Unity Statement adopted June 7, 2003 at conference in Chicago, Illinois, with membership open to local, state, regional and national organizations.

Fellowship of Reconciliation: An organization in Nyack, New York that was founded in 1915 as part of an interfaith and international movement, with groups in over 40 countries seeking non-violent solutions to conflict.

Demonstrating on a Friday afternoon

Veterans for Peace: A non-profit educational and humanitarian organization dedicated to the abolishment of war.

War Resisters League: Founded in 1923, this group advocates nonviolence in Mahatma Gandhi's tradition as a method for creating a democratic society free of war, racism, sexism and human exploitation.

The Peace Company: This company offers educational opportunities and tools to promote peace, has a Peace Leadership Institute offering training, and has a speaker's bureau.

American Friends Service Committee: This organization was founded in 1917 to provide conscientious objectors with an opportunity to aid civilian victims during WWI. Today, it focuses on issues related to economic and social justice, peace building and demilitarization.

Sustainable World Coalition: This coalition works toward developing a healthy planet, healthy communities and healthy people.

Demonstrating on a Friday afternoon

The Earth Charter: The Charter is a declaration of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century, organized in 1997 by the Earth Charter Commission and promoting disemmination, endorsement and implementation of the Earth Charter by society, business, government, educational and faith communities and the United Nations.

End the Electoral College: Bill Petrocelli's essays about the problems with the Electoral College and what to do about them.

School of the Americas Watch: An organization that for years has used nonviolent vigils and direct action to close the training at Fort Benning, Georgia, of military personnel in Latin American countries that has led to a long pattern of violence, deaths and abuse.

Physicians for Social Responsibility: Physicians organized for violence prevention, including the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty and assault weapons ban.

Demonstrating on a Friday afternoon

California Peace Action: This organization works to reduce the threat posed by nuclear weapons, end US arms sales to human rights-abusing governments, cut excessive military spending, and promote international cooperation.

League of Women Voters of Marin County: The local chapter of the nonpartisan political organization that encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government.

Smart Voter: A project of the League of Women Voters of California that provides nonpartisan election information, California election results, voter registration, maps and directions to California registered voters polling sites, and other information on ballot issues in California.

MySeniorCare: a community on the topic of senior care providing information on home health care, assisted living, hospice, and more.

David L. Brown Productions: David L. Brown, film maker, is the film producer of the widely distributed video on The Redwoods Seniors for Peace of Mill Valley, entered first in the October 2003 Mill Valley Film Festival and shown over many PBS stations.

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